Many marketers have either already use it or plan to use agile approach over the next few years. Agile marketing is a tactical marketing approach in which teams determine and focus their collective efforts on high value projects, finish those projects cooperatively and measure their impact and then continuously and incrementally improve results over time. In an agile marketing framework, decisions are based on results and data, not on opinions and conventions. Building an agile foundation of practice ensures that you are continuously maximising and optimising your marketing investment.

Here are few reasons given by california seo experts to consider agile marketing in coming years

  • An easier time keeping up with the market

In the recent agile marketing survey, 25% of marketers said that keeping up with changing marketing trends and competitors is one of their biggest challenges.

With agile marketing the planning horizon is reduced to weeks rather than months or years. Companies who adopted this approach find that it allows them to adapt and move faster. Instead of building rigid plans that are hard to change, agile marketers develop flexible manuals  of projects and tests. Projects get broken down into smaller tasks and prioritized by the team. Frequent meetings are held to re-prioritize work as market conditions change or new learnings are achieved. Agile marketing appeals to the ability to readjust, refocus and recalculate the direction of marketing strategy at a much faster pace more like real-time in contrast to traditional 6 month or annual review of what worked and what didn’t.

  • Have a better scope and prioritization of work

Breaking the projects into smaller tasks and conducting frequent meetings to evaluate what’s working and what’s not and what’s changed, agile marketing team can make adjustments and re-prioritize their work based on the new information and thus also makes it less challenging to manage urgent work request.

Being agile helps to sync the most recent information between team members while discovering the obstacles before they become a major problems. The team understands the priorities and the scope of work that is planned and evaluated for the entire week , which helps them to be more focus and efficient.

Agile marketing helps to improve two very distinct communication challenges that nearly every marketing organisation faces. It makes it easier to share priorities among teams and stakeholders, as well as help train the marketers on how to estimate the time needed to complete each project.

  • Your team will be happier

According to Harvard Business Review Analytic, an agile software development approach can increase employees satisfaction by 20% or more. Agile marketing adopters are also significantly more satisfied with how the work is managed within their marketing team than non-agile adopters. Agile marketing not only improves work management and make it more collaborative but also sets up many opportunities for regular ‘win’. Employees receive gratification as they see their efforts working out quickly. Working with Best rated Seo Companies In california will help improve your marketing strategies and help you achieve full potential result of your efforts.

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