Do you remember your favorite chocolate from your childhood?

I remember It was plain dairy milk chocolate. But if you ask which one is my favorite today?

Well, I have a long list of them.

Somebody rightly said that change is the most permanent thing. With everything that is changing from habits to liking and dislikings, the perception of the customers is no exception. Methods and techniques that were used in marketing are now acting blunt on the people. To convert the marketing strategies sharper and steadier, some fuel rush is needed.

Marketing technique like PPC i.e pay per click will also have to be taken to next step to meet the changing and demanding marketing world. Online advertisements are evolving itself to keep up with the pace of the changing trends. Google platforms will have to be monitored to remain highly productive and combat competition.

Let us focus on some of the tips that can be used in boosting pay per click campaign


Mobile ads have grown as a powerful tool in marketing. Google has launched many mobile-friendly ad elements including price extension and call the only campaign. Price extension ads help to facilitate the advertisers to display price rates on the ads while call only campaign allows focusing on buyers who can click and call for the business directly from the ad.

Mobile is in the hands of all age groups. A product that targets people from kids to middle age adults can be promoted on mobile phones. Infant and too old people will have to be excluded from the targeted audience because of their age constraint, the reach for the device will vary significantly.

Usability of mobile ads:

Google has come up with a mobile-first policy which will help to link mobile ads with mobile friendly landing pages. Seo services in new york suggest that decision making of mobile users are comparatively faster than any other medium hence the most creative content should be placed in the top of the ad along with the call to action on the description. Additional extensions should also be provided such as location extension, site link extension, phone call extension and price extension. This extension would help to increase the click through rate.


Dynamic search advertisement is a powerful way to get data about the product that leads to maximum conversion and sale. Seo company in Memphis promulgate that the data extracted from dynamic search ads helps to boost SEO by prioritizing the search engine according to conversion optimization.

Google decides which page and product ads are based according to quality and relevance, the data obtain can showcase how the search engine is prioritizing your content.

Dynamic search ads work best for seller having bigger online inventory and product selection. The use of dynamic ad text helps the PPC to service thousands of pages without writing copy for every single page.

Usability of DSAs:

The data obtained by DSA helps to prioritize the PPC campaign by getting the insight of the demand of best seller product.


Remarketing for search ads(RLSA) provides ads to the site visitors according to certain criteria to add them to the list. For example, if we have added something to our shopping cart and then moved out without buying the product. RLSA will add you on the list of the items abandoned and will show you ads related to the item, in a hope that you can come again to buy them.

Seo company in Memphis advocates the usage of RLSA for small scale and highly competitive keyword marketing scenario because of the fact that it targets customers that have shown immediate interest in the product.

Usability of RLSA:

RLSA helps to increase bid on expensive keywords for buyers who have already visited your site but left for further scrutiny. The seller can also bid for broader keywords because the visitor has an interest in the product and may convert as a buyer.


Current event PPC involves bringing the ads in front of the targeted customers then they have the highest need for it. Bombarding people with right kind of product and information at right time can influence their buying behavior.

For example, giving discounts on winter clothes when the weather forecasting has warned people about the extreme cold weather.


To match up with the changing and growing needs, PPC campaign sometimes needs a creative fuel rush. Unique strategies which are listed above can give a boost to PPC campaign.

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