Are you fascinated by the way Saas businesses are progressing? Want to replicate the same?

There are many strategies that Saas businesses use to gain profit in their business. One of them is content marketing, that can be used by any marketers to gain profit in their respective businesses. Infographic is part of content marketing that has grown exponentially popular in these days. The USP is, infographics get huge returns with very little investment in it.But what is infographics?

Infographics is representation of data or knowledge in graphical format. The information conveyed through infographics are clear and easy to understand. An effective infographic holds the attention of the audiences and keep it long enough to convey the information it posses. Due to its captivating feature, it attracts lots of traffic.
10seos is here to inform marketers about 5 simple principles of infographics that should be kept in mind while you create one for your brand/company.


One of the most basic principal of infographic is to make it engaging and memorable by making it unique and different from the rest. For example: newly elected president of America,Donald Trump’s strategy for winning the presidents elections was entirely novel and unique. This uniqueness made Trump standout from the rest of the contenders. Therefore, design your infographics in a way that draws audiences attention. You can use variations in different graphs to make the data look more interesting and comprehensive.

2. Keeping it simple

If you go through 25 best inbound marketing articles of this year, you can find that experts have given a lot of emphasis on infographics that are simpler yet unique and interesting. In quest of being unique, if you fill your infographic with lot of data, images and colours, it can make it difficult to comprehend. Too much stuffing can disturb the audience’s attention and they may loose focus.

3. Being creative and bold

To make your infographic successful one should always design infographic that can boldly project the main message of the infographic. While the design has to be bold and simple, you cannot disregard the creative part. Your infographic should be simple, bold and creative for grabbing maximum attention of your audiences and convey the message loud and clear.

4. Less is more

Infographic is a visual a content hence the usage of text format should be minimum. There are hundreds of information, images, videos, colours that are encountered by your targeted audience. However your target should be to make them stop on your infographic read it without scrolling ahead.

Remember to use images and text that can compel them to share your infographic.

5. Earn benefit from forwarding

An effective infographic should be sharable. Make sure to include links that people can share with their family and friends. Enable social media sharing button in the infographic design and make sure that sharing process should be smooth and with minimum hazell. It is the sharing process that can make infographic successful.

With the advent of wide range of social media channels, infographics have gain more popularity. If you are looking forwards to boost your business in digital landscape then making infographic is a good option to attract your audiences.

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