Content marketing is a branch of a big tree called as digital marketing. Digital marketing is growing exponentially. We see that people look into digital marketing as a magic wand that can give you profit in one click. Digital marketing has many unknown facts that each marketer should be aware of because these can can create significant effect on its subsidiary branches like content marketing, affiliate marketing and many others.

Content marketing is a powerful medium that can take your business at the top of the chart yet we see only a handful of companies can actually harness the potential of content marketing and reach at the top.

There are many businesses that are following content marketing but are not receiving expected returns. Content marketing is an ongoing process and need various variable that can together combine to give result.

To make the picture clear for our marketers, 10seos is here with 5 signs that tell you to stop your content marketing and analyse.

Let us begin!

  1. No significant increase in numbers

Content marketing is always thought to be qualitative but it is quantitative indeed. You should follow metrics in your marketing approach. Data driven marketing can be a good option to get better results. Nevertheless, content should produce result for the business in terms of traffic, conversion, links etc. If you are following content marketing, then keep an eye on these metrics:

  • Website traffic

Project management is a skill that every marketing manager should posses. A content should be capable enough to show significant improvement in website traffic. This metrics can be analysed by Google analytics. Marketing manager should pay attention about the total time spent on page, how many views in a day. If your website traffic is growing but not your engagement then definately marketing manager should understand the problem of content in the website.

  • links

A responsive content can generate inbound links. If people love your content they will share them and you can get link in your article. Open site explorer is the tool that can help you see the link gained.

  1. No documented content strategy

If you publish content without any content strategy than half of the battle is already lost. Without a strategy your content marketing is haphazard and obviously that cannot fetch expected results.

  1. Not using visual content

As we already emphasized that digital marketing is changing. The latest development is visual content. People connect and absorb visual content more easily than any other form of content. Visual content include videos, images, slideshows, infographics, GIFs etc. Using these visual elements can create better engagement however these content should be of high quality.

  1. No budget for content marketing

We usually find budget allocated for content marketing is very less or negligible. Marketers think that content marketing is free way to earn traffic but if marketers do not posses skill for writing, they will have to outsource the content which require a budget.

Similarly, generating simple visual content can be made by free tool but for complex you need experts. In short you need a specialist team that can look into various facets of content. In addition to this, other expenditure include coding,hosting,wordpress plugins and many others are incurred in content marketing

  1. You are not promoting your content

We see that usually marketers produce a content share once on social media and then leave it there itself. In this way a content cannot generate traffic. To harness its full potential submit the website in alltop and other relevant online directories, reach out to influencers,pitch your guest posts at relevant industry blogs, share in all social media sites etc.

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