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Content marketing is the vital part of digital marketing strategy. According to top 10 women expert of digital marketing, an effective content marketing has the potential to take a business to greater height. Content marketing has seen lot of variation from the time of its first practice. Content marketers has been devising new strategies to gain more attention and trust of the readers.

Blogging is an important tool for content marketing. Marketers thrive to generate content through blogging to get maximum attention of the customers and also mark the position of the website high in SERPs. There are altogether five type of blog posts that marketers can use to gain the attention of the customers
10seos is here with this post to discuss about these five type of blog post and their corresponding usage as well.

Newsjacking posts:

People always love to go through current news. You can also use news posts but with the tactics of newsjacking. Newsjacking may sound little offbeat but it’s actually a fruitful strategy to mix your opinion with the current news. You can start your post with some current news related to your industry and then explain your company’s position and then explain how your business can change with the corresponding news. Such posts are beneficial because they provide factual information to the readers. They act as a tool to build trust of the readers.

2. Instructional posts:

Instructional posts are most commonly used blog post type because it is relatively easy. As the name suggest, this instructional posts give instruction to users. Instructional posts are generally the tutorials or how to’s like top 10 blogs to learn affiliate marketing. The instructional posts are generally useful for B2C and B2B companies. These kind of blog posts are generally beneficial for SEO purpose because they contain natural language that convey the purpose of the article and its meaning.

3. The personal spotlight posts:

People are always keen to know about other people, so if you target those audience then personal spotlight blog are absolute it. At the initial level you can give inside story of your employees and then of your clients. In this way customers can connect to you more easily. You can structure your personal spotlight post around any influencer of your niche industry, you can interview them and post. Personal spotlight post can be used as complementary element of your marketing strategy.

4. Cheat Sheet post:

Cheat sheet post are popular type of blogging. Some of the marketers outsource these type of content from professionals. However, if you are a small company and outsourcing your services than make strategy to get paid for your service and avoid fraud clients. Cheat sheets are similar to instructional posts but they do not guide readers to complete any specific activity. These posts usually summarize a vast amount of complex information into more digestible and simpler version. Cheatsheets are popular because they are short and quick and are highly sharable in nature. Incorporate these post and get it shared on social media.

5. Media post:

Media post are most popular type of content because they involve visual content. Infographics, videos, images, gifs are some examples of media posts. In the quest of finding a better alternative, usually marketers kill valuable time that hampers productivity. Inspite of having any other alternative, visual content can be used to increase the visibility of the brand and gain better ranking in SEO.

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