Customer surveys will give you an idea of who your target audience is. This can help you adapt and adjust your strategies accordingly and also help you in making future predictions of what your potential customers want and need. When it comes to knowing trends, customer surveys is a good and effective way.

Surveys can enhance your customer’s trust and ultimately loyalty, since it shows that you value your customers and their opinion matters a lot for you. It shows that you are putting in efforts to satisfy them.

Make sure to notify your customers of the changes you have made based on their feedback, or else your efforts might not get noticed. People usually remembers the negative experiences better positive ones, so the improvements you made might get unnoticed simply because your customers may be too comfortable. It may also bring back the customers you lost because they were not previously satisfied with your business.

To get the objective information out of survey, its best to give your customers sometime before you poll them. This will give them a chance to asses the situation with more clarity. Though the answer they offer will never be truly objective but this is not you are interested in anyway instead customer satisfaction matters.

Let’s have a look on 6 best practices to increase customer survey participation suggested by experts of virginia seo company.

  • Customer survey Length

If you want to get most out of the survey then make sure that questionnaire should not be too lengthy that run out for pages, or else your customers will start answering without considering the questions, just to get it done. Ideally your questionnaire should contain 20-30 questions, and should take around 5 mins to complete.

In case you have more than 30 questions to ask you can break it into multiple surveys.Group them according to theme so that you know what you are looking for.

  • Customer survey frequency

You should conduct surveys as often as you can because the trend and preferences changes rapidly. This will give a chance to reevaluate the efficiency of the questionnaire and also you can add on questions that left out previously.

  • Customer survey questions

If your questions are vague and unclear then all your efforts are in vain. The participant should spent time in answering not just focusing what the question means. If your questions are ambiguous then the participant might be inclined to just randomly choose the answer. Moreover if  questions are incomprehensive then your customers might give up on the rest of the survey as well. They should feel like they are spending little time on the questionnaire, this will let them feel more inclined to consider each answer carefully.

  • Customer survey question optimisation

For better and more informative results you need to have the variation in the way you construct the questionnaire. You can ask the same question in multiple ways in order to remove the biases based on words and phrasing, and can also consider mixing up in the pattern you ask the questions. For multiple choice questions consider moving the choices around that way you will not set the routine for your customers and push them to think of each question individually.

  • Customer survey rewards

In case your customers are reluctant to take the surveys, consider offering them a little treat upon completion. Many big companies use it as a tactic to encourage the participation.

While having the people take your survey for the reward, make sure you add some verification method to determine if they know what they are talking about while answering your questions.

  • Encourage detailed feedback

Regardless of the information you are looking for in any survey, it is very much essential to give customers chance to have their say. Detailed comments can be much more useful and valuable than questions with predefined choices. Comments can offer you insights which could have otherwise predicted. Although its more difficult to find participants to spent time writing down long answers than it is to give them options to tick a box. You can still keep your questions simple so that they don’t feel that they are spending too much time.

Digital marketers and other professionals from Best Seo agency In Austin says that conducting surveys is very much important, as it give you insights of are your customers satisfied with your business and also what marketing tactics you should apply to get your business ahead of the curve.

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