‘Trends’ are the general directions in which something is either developing or changing. It can be in various fields: fashion, technology and even digital marketing. The developments and changes in the digital marketing field are termed as ‘Digital Marketing Trends’. With the change in month, there comes changes in the technologies and strategies too. With every development, a change takes place in the field of digital marketing. These changes when adopted by the brands and its employees become new trends, which are then further followed by other brands and professionals.

Keeping yourself up to date with the new marketing trends is a massive part of digital marketing. Here are discussed, seven digital marketing trends, by the well experienced digital marketing experts of Top SEO Companies.

  • Digital Assistance:

Earlier, only two major strategies of driving traffic to one’s website were known to the mass people; Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC), but with the technological advancements Google launched Siri as its digital assistant. In the upcoming years, Siri will use traditional  search engines to find the asked information by the user but only when necessary. These digital assistants will bring new kind of optimization to your site.

  • Mobile v/s. Desktop:

In the past few years, smartphones took over the entire web and maximum searches are made from them. As compared to mobile phones, desktops are lesser used to make searches over the web. This doesn’t mean that the traffic from the desktop search will fade away, it is just that the google is heading currently towards the mobile sites.

  • Video Ads Will Rule:

In Google’s search engine result pages, video advertisements will pop up to an unexpected level. The trend of video advertisement will skyrocket. As, the users grow to be accepting such ads on a high level. Videos relates a person to actual world,therefore this trend will take over the digital market.

  • Virtual Reality:

Few trending devices are showing that the coming years will be in the gaming world. The much hyped devices among the virtual; reality devices are expected to be released in the coming years, will create a new medium of online advertising by integrating with social media platforms, video channels, and some forms of direct messaging.

  • Wearable Technology:

Various wearable devices shall start making up their way to marketing scene in the upcoming years. Local marketing will be switched from such devices and the difference between online and offline marketing will become thin line. For instance: smartwatch by Apple.

  • More Apps Due to App Indexing:

In the coming years, the business owners will be more aware of the advantages of a dedicated app has on online visibility. In order to appeal to those who frequently use apps a more mobile-optimized direction is going to be necessary.

  • Advertising Will Become More Expensive:

Online or digital marketing is growing rapidly and is increasing to a greater extent. Similar will be with, the cost of advertising, it will also increase on a faster pace. There will be dramatic rises in the prices of advertisements both online and offline. Since, online world is taking over the web, hike in prices is automatically expected. Because digital marketing is the necessity of the businesses to grow.

These trends will uplift the current position of digital marketing. SEO Companies are, therefore, putting their efforts to make their employees ready to face such upcoming trends in digital world.

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