Trend in digital marketing for highly developed countries like US, talks about establishing a close relationship with the customers yet we see that maximum digital marketers are doing just the opposite. They focus on promoting the brand rather establishing a relationship.

If you are a startup and about to hire an expert in digital marketing, then make sure that the person should be well versed with the best practices of digital marketing.

We at 10seos, have witnessed many companies that seems to be a digital marketing robot. To avoid your company being the same, make sure to avoid following practices.

  1. Posting about the company

Commonly we witness that companies market themselves rather building their brand. Like traditional marketing, companies view that marketing their own selves, their history, latest development etc can yield better results, But the results are always opposite.

Marketers will have to think like a media outlet rather an advertiser. Here’s some tips to do that

  • Shift focus from the company towards audiences
  • Incorporate the posts with intelligence and humour.
  • Give your audience actionable advice
  • Surprise your customers.
  • Your brand should tell story to audiences.
  1. No responses on social media

We usually see that marketers focus on getting their campaign go viral but social media platform is way more than just a medium for getting viral. Social media is a platform to respond to comments, enquiries, feedbacks and many other aspects of communication. When companies do not respond to comments and feedbacks, customers get an impression that their opinions are not valued.

Replying to comments and feedbacks instill a sense of trust and confidence in the customers for the brand.

  1. Controlling conversation

There are many platforms that are available to customers that they may use for discussing about your product or brand. A marketers cannot stop the ongoing discussions about the brand yet they can definitely adapt the trend. Adapting the trend does not mean to  make PR speeches and sound goody goody. It does mean responding directly and taking the responsibility for all the action and accept the fault. Marketers should always to be part of the conversation rather inhibiting it.

  1. Chasing news

It is always good to be current and updates yet chasing the news is a bit too much. People may start recognizing you for hijacking current news and using for your own benefit. Smart marketers do not chase news, they do things that are newsworthy. You can be one who should investigate a matter and bring out the possible issue. Create a news story that is different and make people interested. You can issue press release to reach to wider audiences rather doing gaga for your work.

We hope that these methods will help you to stay human and build your marketing strategy in the most humanly ways incorporating thoughts and emotions for your audiences.

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