Once you have decided to create a website, you’ll definitely diving to pick a perfect font, color and photos, But before you rush there, ask yourself about the most basic questions for your website.

Who is your target audience?

Before making a website for your product or services, make sure you are designing it for specific people whom you are intended to reach. Better to ask yourself that whether your audience know you? What they are interested in? What image you want to deliver?

Understand your audience well. For instance, if you are a freelancer and looking forward for the new visitors, you’ll need to introduce them who you are and what you are offering them. Once they came to know about you, they’ll contact you directly. Or if you are running any organisation, most of the people who already knows you well, will like to look for your recent updates.

Of course you audience is not coming to check the font or color of your website or what kind of fashion logos you are including. Knowing who your audience are, what they are expecting and why they are visiting your website is the only secret to achieve the online success.

What are the most essential things your visitors must be able to do when they visit your website?

Once you successfully know who your audience is, the next thing what you have to determine is what your audience do after visiting your website. For instance, whether you want them to sign up, or to donate anything for you, or buy things from you, or to know who you are and what does your products do. Whatever you offer, consider what are the things your visitors are suppose to do when they come to your site.

This will allow you to focus on thing what they are looking for.

Think for what material you have to work with?

If you could mark what you have to work with, you simply need to figure out then what’s being missing and where you have to work more. Also, it will give you a fair idea about the things which are least important for your website.

For instance,

Including more images allows your website to keep your audience engaged. For that you’ll need to gather different kind of photos, such as, product photos, background photos, behind the scene or others.

Including text in your website allow your audience to get to know about your offerings more precisely. But make sure you do not write overstuffed text, because people don’t like to read much text.

Once you are done with what images and text you want to include in your website, then make sure to get a cheap logo design for your website. And consider where you can include video about your product description, social media accounts as well as customer testimonials.

But do remember that whatever you chooses to pick for your website, make sure you keep in mind about your target audience. Because unless the content of your website does not relates with your audience, it will be of no use.

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