When it comes to success with paid search, you have to pay attention to your ad extensions and your landing pages also, not just to the ad copy.

Here are some specific ad features and elements that shoppers/ searchers want when they are shopping online. SEO experts from best seo company in Austin also believes that modification is necessary to increase online conversions. Let’s have a look on those elements –

  • Images

78% of shoppers want images. They respond well to images this why Google has increased the number of images we see at search engine result pages. It is also the reason good online retailers allow us to zoom in and view products from different angles.

A most efficient  way to increase the number of images in the SERPs is to use product listing ads (if applicable).

Focusing on feeds now will pay dividends in the future, as shopping feeds tend to appear in more places in the SERPs (Think image search and local ad units), and feed-based advertising will become much more commonplace. It’s a good idea to prepare for opportunities that will come along in the near future.

  • Product reviews

69% of shoppers want reviews. Its an awesome idea to have reviews for your site and also to incorporate them into your ppc ads using review extensions.

It’s important to note that reviews can be no more than 12 months old to surface in Google Trusted Stores, and therefore, review extensions. Consistently ask customers to review products, so that review extensions (and seller ratings) will continue to appear in your account.

  • Side by side product comparison

46% of shoppers prefer side by side comparisons. These are effective ways to compare your company products or to compare your product to that of your competitors’ products. Graph or table format tends to be the easiest to read and allows shoppers to better understand the information.

Badging(Highlighting the most popular product) is very effective in boosting online conversions.

  • Customer Testimonials

Testimonials effectively allows people to know that their overall experience will be good and that they will be thrilled with their purchase.

42% of shoppers want customer testimonials. These are very useful, especially when you are striking difference between you and your competitors.

For example if you manufactures a product that is more expensive than your competitor’s product.The testimonial can highlight the benefits and do the significant job to make that extra cost negligible.

  • Video product demos

If your products are complicated and hard to understand, it is extremely useful. 30% of shoppers want video product demos. In PPC, video extensions are a good option. For now, these are only available in Bing. Professionals from austin seo company says that video content demand is increasing and people love to watch videos, it helps a lot in boosting conversions and in attaining good position in search results.

  • Live Chat with Shopping Assistant

Twenty-two percent of shoppers prefer live chat with a shopping assistant.

An appropriate option for this is the ActionLink extension in Bing. Higher ad engagement is seen as a result of including this element, especially in industries where people have a lot of questions, like home renovations.

  • Link to media coverage of company products

9% of shoppers prefer links to media coverage of company products. People often include ‘as seen on’  or other such credibility indicators on their sites. Be sure to also include links to media coverage. Sometimes, having video clips in addition to links to media coverage enhance conversions.

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