Digital marketing is competitive. Every day marketers plan new strategies that can give them a edge from their competitors. In the midst of managing brand reputation and company’s profitability, somewhere the ethics has been totally neglected by the marketers. People do all sought of tactics to gain profit but what about the ethics of marketing? Is it null and void for online businesses?

In traditional form of marketing, it was easy to differentiate unethical practice and ethical one. In online marketing, if you are a Saas company and you want to increase your business by acquiring customer then the marketer should abide the norms of the search engine. If the brand do not follow the search engine norms, they may not be able to expand their business.

We have come across many small business marketers who have been a prey of fraud organization. These organizations promises to increase the business in a very short time and end up doing unethical practices.

Involving into unethical practices can result in drastic results in immeasurable kpis that marketers should care about.

To avoid unethical practices in online marketing, 10seos has come up with some questions that should be asked by every marketer for protecting the integrity of their brand.

  1. Are the claims exaggerated?

Exaggeration is dishonesty. When you exaggerate to stand out from the crowd, you are actually being dishonest. Be aware of the agency that guarantees ranking within short while.

  1. Are the claims substantial?

Before finalizing any digital marketing agency make sure to go through data that can back their claims. Have face to face conversation and try to judge their truthfulness. If the agency hesitate for email conversation, think twice about them before hiring.

  1. Who else can guarantee?

Customer reviews are a powerful medium to understand the authenticity of the company. Reviews are a way one can estimate the claims made by the agency but still fraud companies can create reviews that are non genuine.

While you select your agency for digital marketing, make sure that the company follow all the ethical practices, abiding search engine marketing norms. There are many tips available that can help you build reputation for your brand yet if you use unethical practice then no amount of tricks can help you sustain the setback.

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