With the rising youth crimes, Goa police has found an innovative way not only to put young minds in constructive work but to bridge the gap between police and society. This endeavour is named ‘Little Police’. This was launched on 6 Jan, by Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar in Panaji.

“The Little Police concept in the state will work to reduce the gap between the police and society,” Parsekar said addressing a gathering. “It is the youth who will play a significant role in implementing this novel idea and make it a grand success,” he added.

Goa chief minister in launch of little police

source: oneindia.com

With the vision of growing youngsters as eyes and ears of Goa police, an apex committee is setup to monitor the whole process. Little police concept has two phase- the students from 10-12th class will be called ‘Little Cop’ and students from college will be called ‘Young Cop’.

It is in the psychology of our society, to fear the word ‘Police’. Parents often use it as a weapon to scare their children and prevent them from doing unwanted things. This has become a mindset of this generation. This initiative will create right environment for young minds to understand police in a better way and lay the foundation of strong law abiding society.

It is beneficial for personal growth of children too. They will learn discipline, civic sense, resistance to social evils and to respect the law. The children will evolve as better citizens and this will improve relationship among police, school and society.

“It is the duty of little cops to create awareness among the masses to imbibe and infuse traffic rules and discipline among the road users and pedestrians. They should be vigilant and cautious about what is happening in the society. Police personnel should encourage such students to become eyes and ears of the society,”, said Chief Minister on the launch of the concept.

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