How To Boost SEO

SEO is one of the most common marketing strategies, and that’s the reason why it includes so much competition. Still, it is the least engaging marketing strategy by many marketers and business owners.

The most popular misconception people have is, SEO is expensive. Yes, it could be expensive, but not unaffordable! In fact, there are so many strategies which are available for free and helps to a great extent to increase the ranking of your website.

Search for the better keywords

Research and analyze those keywords which are directly related to your niche and have less competition in the market share. There are so many online tools available for free, such as, Google Trends and Keywords tools, which could help you in getting the information about the relevant keywords and competition for to those keywords. However, try to target long tail keywords, and stop relying on short tail keywords to get the most effective results.

Remove all the duplicate content

Try to figure out any duplicate content present on your web page. You need to correct all the canonicity issues to achieve a good standing for your site. Prepare the most effective content strategy for your site, and make sure it does not include any duplicate content.

Fix 404 errors

404 not found other html pages are basically the dead ends, and you better know that your audience never likes to have a dead end. You can take help from a free tool, Google search console, and make sure to fix these error by setting up 301 redirects, so that all the gaps fade away.

Create a unique title for web pages

Make sure to create title within 70 characters, and develop it in such a way that provides the user with the clear description of the page. Include all the necessary keywords and build it quite unique, so that people feel eager to click on it and read it.

Clear up the URL structure of your website

You might have heard many times that, first impression is the last impression. And your URL is the first impression on your audience. More than 70% of the people decides whether they want to read the content or not just by seeing the URL. make it readable, and make sure you don’t include any random string with the URL of your website.

Update your blogs frequently

Your audience will get bored easily with your site if you don’t provide them with the valuable information. If possible, try to include more and more content, that your audience finds relevant. Since Search Engine Optimization is so importance for your website, it is necessary to keep your practises updated with the algorithm. Make sure to provide  the fresh content and keep your blogs updated.

You need to spend sufficient time and efforts to get the best results. And remember, you are not making an expense, rather you are making a long term investment for your business. Write up your strategies, how you boost the SEO of your site for free in the comment section below!

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