Digital marketing landscape is the most dynamic platform of marketing. Everyday things in digital marketing changes such as norms, audiences and their preferences, competitors and many more. For surviving in this dynamic industry, digital marketers has to master some skills to push their venture to bigger heights. In terms of content marketing, marketers should be able to produce fresh and unique content every time to capture the engagement of the readers.

Generating engaging content each time is a challenging task in itself.Researches indicates that people engage and share content that bring value and entertainment in their connection. Content that are informative and education based misses the opportunity making a emotional and social connection.

In this case social content is a vital solution. Social content lies somewhere in the mid of social media and content marketing. While developing social content, we focus on how the content is created and its sources rather how it has been shared.

10seos has brought this intuitive post, to inform marketers about the way they can generate blog post by social content.

  1. Customer spotlight

If you are looking forward to convert your readers into buyers then you will have to take newer steps. It is easy to make case studies on successful customer interaction but case studies are data driven and in a way outdated and boring. Instead of case study, you can use customer spotlight. It showcases the journey of the customer rather the route they took to reach there. To employ this tactics, marketers can ask their customers to share their success story. You should choose story among your brand ambassadors. With little finishing touches use this story and create regular post that highlight biggest customer success stories.

  1. Influencers interview

Marketer should always keep track of the marketing ROI. If you closely monitor, you can understand the importance of influencers in marketing. Influencers have a dominant role to play in decision making of the audience hence it always beneficial to generate social content around influencers. You can interview an influencer and publish it in the form of blog post. Influencer interviews are highly shared post and apart from that such post increase the reach of your brand or company.

  1. Create roundup posts

There are many tools that can help you to promote your new online business and beat your competitor, but using these tool will require you to produce high quality content on the first hand. We recommend marketers to use authoritative links in their post that can support their idea. In this way, the content gets more authentic and trusted source of information. You can find the quotes and ideas that are related to your content and then use them with appropriate citation.

  1. Leverage comments for social content

With every blog post, marketers should inspire readers to comment and engage audiences. These comments can then be churned for new blog post ideas, another way can be sharing questions within social channels, more like survey. From the discussion, one can create a roundup post. Such kind of social content usually involve the whole community and facilitate more future engagement.

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