Usually content marketers focus on generating content that are concentrated on acquiring potential customers while forgoing the whole customer journey. A customer journey, is the time phase that customers go through from brand discovery to sales. To win among the competitors in the digital marketing war zone, it is very important to understand the need of the customer.

10seos has brought this post, to make the content marketer understand the different stages in customer’s journey to strategize personalized marketing efforts targeting a set of audiences.

  1. Awareness

Awareness is the stage where the customers are aware of your brand through various channels. They may not have gone through purchase but are highly interested in knowing about your brand or company. This is the right time when you can generate lead by sending consistent messages in the form of emails and offering them first time customer discount or informing them more about your company. At this stage your content should tell story to users  and show how your brand/product can help them.

  1. Consideration

Consideration is the stage when the buyers are still confused about your brand yet they are doing more research about it. This is an important juncture for buying behaviour of customers. At this stage your content should not be pushy or promotional rather, your content should project you as the thought leader. You can produce content like demo videos or how to tutorials that can help customers make a valid decision. You can showcase your product quality during this stage by giving demo about your product to make customers more aware and informed.

  1. Purchase

The ultimate goal is achieved. You got a new customer but this is not the end of the journey. A marketer would definitely want that the customer should engage with them again and purchase. Create a content about your product or service and send it to the customer. This approach will project that you are still thoughtful about them after the purchasing is over. You can send them a manual or tips for better usage of the product.

  1. Post purchase

Once you have your customer, it is very important to nurture them and keep them bounded with the brand. These customers should get an impression that the company care about their needs and preferences and this is the way a relationship can be built to make them come back to your brand again. There can be many type of content that can be created for this stage such as promotion, news, expert pieces, guides etc.

  1. Dormancy

When all the efforts stated above does not create any result and the customers are getting out of reach, then it is high time to change your direction of effort. Try and analyse the current behaviour of the customers and map out the difference in it. You have to change your content style and approach according to the changing taste of the customer.

Personalized communication with the audience is the key factor for making customers brand advocates. This personalized communication is possible only when the content generated should suit the need of the customer in their respective stage of journey.

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