To stand out in the crowded social media landscape you have to look for some fresh social media insights and tactics. New players are always appearing on the scene, and it’s getting increasingly challenging to succeed in the fiercely competitive digital marketing world.

5 years ago the social media scenario was different. It’s constantly evolving and getting more crowded. Today people take fast decision whether to engage with the content or not. So how can make them stop scrolling and notice your content. Seo and smo professionals from seo companies nashua suggests five types of content that is eagerly shared by users.

  • Original content

Its all about creating and delivering the right message that really matters and finding the best content for your audience. If you publish content consistently, other businesses will look for your content to share. You need to provide your users with the unique and valuable content, that contains a good message.

  • Timely content

If you are at the right place at the right time, it might give you a great opportunity to create something outstanding.

React quickly – ask your team to take action promptly, take a photo or make a video, that provides the user quick information at the moment.

Get savvy and plan ahead – Release your content around the upcoming events or celebrations early in the morning to let people see it as they wake up. If you send something out early on the day that everybody is celebrating, your content is tend to become shareable. Creating a timely content and getting the right content out will help you jump ahead of the crowd.

  • Relevant Content

Another way to create a shareable content is to create a relevant content. You need to tailor your content so that your fans and followers are likely to post it on the platforms you are on.

For example, videos, especially light entertaining videos are more popular on Facebook, while on instagram people love to watch beautiful images, beautiful color, people and stories as well as behind the scenes images. When you post on Instagram it should be different from what you post on Facebook. You need to evaluate what type of content suits to the particular platform and tailor your content accordingly.

  • Snackable content

It can be images, GIFs, videos, and small infographics. Snackable content is easy to process and digest and easy to engage with and that is why it is easily get shared.

  • Break up longer content into various smaller parts with bite-size shareable images
  • Create short, snackable videos.
  • Create small SlideShares with up to eight images.

Today internet users have become more impatient than ever, so choose the best time to give users quick bite of information.

  • Content that has a Call to action

At certain time you have to be obvious and ask people directly to the things that you want them to do. Adding call to action to your content make it easier for your users to make a decision .

Working with seo firms providing SEO services In Nashua will assist you in adding call to action efficiently to your content.

You need to look at your visual content in the following way –

  • Content —Call to Action— Landing Content—Target/Goal—Adding Value

First step is to create a content. Then your content needs to have a CTA. What do you want your customers to do with the content? Do you want them to share it, click- through or just engage with them. When users click- through, where should they land? On a piece of visual content, landing page or webinar signup page. You need to have clear goals or targets that you want your users to reach to and finally you need to make sure that your content keep providing value.

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