Do you know jewelry is an important part of the woman? It shows her overall personality and informs you much more about her fashion sense, her taste and her beauty. Selecting the best type of jewelry is a skill. The user should know the style, color and kind that are in keeping with their physical characteristics, complexion, occasion and place. Oxidised silver jewellery enjoys a pride place in women’s jewelry collection. Actually, in case there is one jewelry piece that most of the women wear, it is a designer earrings pair. They can do without a bracelet or a chain, but the fashionable earring is almost always a necessity.

Designer earrings can be made of gemstones or metal

Earrings made from gemstone are sophisticated and classy. There are some women that prefer diamonds, some others prefer their birth stones and still some prefer colorful stones that can delight and dazzle.

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There are different kinds of earrings available in the market, such as hoops, studs, chandeliers, dangles and so on. The particular style you select completely depends on your face shape as well as the occasion. Like, chandeliers, long hoops and dangles are really not office wear. These would look best at a red carpet event and a party. If comes to drop earrings then they look casual and flirty, mainly when they are coupled with fashionable clothes. For special occasion or party events, you can look special of the group by using earrings of colorful gemstone. For a top class social gathering, wear designer earrings that merge lustrous gemstones and the diamond’s brilliance. Small size multicolor studs with diamond accents look restrained but are aggressive fashion statements. The allure and sophistication of a splendid pearl rounded by gleaming diamonds can’t be explained. Small hoops and studs make excellent formal wear.

When you select Oxidised silver jewellery, you can try to choose something which matches with your face shape. Dangling, long hoops and chains look best on round shape faces. Small size drops look perfect a long shape face. In case you have a square shape face, you can go for studs. You should remember that short dangles look well on a rectangular shape face. One more important thing is color when you choose gemstone earrings.

What color should you choose?

Well, gemstones in bright color add drama and color to a pale face. The dark skin tones and gleaming sparkle of diamonds are a best contrast. The earrings type you wear for an occasion completely depends on your outfit and hairstyle. In case you are having short hair, your ears are uncovered. So, confirm that you wear gemstone earrings which match well on your neck and face. Though, if you have hair of medium length, hoops are a wonderful idea.

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Keep in mind to sync your earrings with some other jewelry that you are planning to wear. In case you are wearing diamonds, you can wear earrings stud with diamond too. But, be careful! Too much fashion jewelry can become loud and can spoil your look.

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