It took birth a few years back. It never faced the thing which is called as downfall. It granted a great success to a number of businesses. It is the sole reason behind why we are able to reach you, our audience. Yes, the major thing in discussion is Digital Marketing. By the time, the digital technology has covered every single domain of operation. Stability and success are two parameters which define victory of online trading. Many business people get things wrong and hence we have rounded up the list of strategies that can be adopted in this year of digitalization.

Here are some digital marketing strategies that can be used in the coming months of 2016:

1. Adopt right way to do SEO-

SEO depends on factors such as keyword research, content optimization, content strategy and link building strategy. Doing SEO on your own is a bad idea. It is an ongoing process which requires a lot of information about variations in strategies and search engine algorithms. Only an SEO expert can make you survive in this huge competition. Search out online and look for best SEO companies in your area. You may also visit and get to know about leading SEO companies in your area. You can find the list of top 10 SEO companies right here.

2. Content still rules the market-

The new algorithm updates rolled out by Google make quality content more important than ever. Fresh and high quality content is now preferred by search engines. Take care of keyword stuffing in the blogs that your website features.

3. Use Analytics:

Social media analytics come built in nowadays. These tools are ready to use. You can get a clear view of how your website is performing. By these tools, you can easily identify the key influencers. A free web service called Google Analytics is offered by Google which tracks website traffic. It offers a plethora of features. You can also find out that which sources bring out the most traffic for you. It tells you who exactly your visitors are. You can also track the performance of your ads by Google Analytics.

4. Make your website mobile friendly:

More than half of the population residing on earth have access to internet and half of them access it through phones.  With the technological advancement and rise in mobile security, businesses are paving their ways through mobiles. Google has also put a lot of weightage to mobile friendly websites.

Here Are Some Ways To Increase The Productivity:

1. Evernote

From your single page documents to business notes, Evernote stores everything you can ever imagine. It’s a free storing app. Create a notebook, notes, to-do list, store web pages, photographs, voice memos, presentations through Evernote. It also syncs with your PC, laptop and smart phone automatically.

2. Trello

Trello is one of the best collaboration tools. It helps you in knowing who is working on what, what project is going on. The tool can be used for both personal and team projects. The app can be accessed from any device and you can even organize your ideas through cards and lists.

3. Slack:

You can collaborate through multiple devices and platforms by installing this app. It can also be integrated with other apps such as Skype for video calls. The app allows you to upload files and share them.

4. Pingdom:

By Pingdom website speed test, you can measure the speed of your website. The loading speed of your website is one of the important factors that you should know. The faster it loads, the more engagement would be grabbed by it. To optimize the performance of websites, it is an easy to use tool for web developers.

5. Canva:

It is an app for graphics and designs. It offers diverse content types and allows you to get pre-sized image templates for all channels. Through this app, you can create custom projects, brochures, posts on social media and manage other campaigns.

6. Harvest:

Basically a time tracking management tool, Getharvest can be accessed from anywhere. The app works on both Android phones and the iPhone. You can set the timer or set the time manually by this app.

7. Instapage:

The app helps you with building landing pages for your online marketing and promotion campaigns you organize. The multiple features offered by Instapage embrace A/B Testing, multiple campaign management, and easy page building.

8. Mailchimp:

It helps online marketers in managing the e-mail campaigns with multiple options for designing, sending and saving e-mail templates. Using this app, you can simply create the list of people whom you want to market to products to. The list can also be saved on cloud. It helps you in creating a variety of newsletter that can be shared on social media.

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