As marketers you need to now account for how your content will be accessed and consumed on mobile devices, whether its a phone, tablet or any other devices. As a brand you have to realize that your efforts will be judged not only on how high or well you show up in search results but also on how you can delight the on the go prospects that needs information that is fast, accurate, and accessible from any device.

Brands that use mobiles to deliver what consumers need, when they need it and in a  way they need it, have grabbed many consumers’ attention as well as dollars. But most marketers seems to be so occupied with the technology(responsive design or other) that they forgot that, at the end of the day, prospects want what they want right now in the easiest-to-access way possible.

Seo experts from top seo company virginia suggest brands to provide enviable customers experience to the mobile web searchers is they wish to stay in the business as its not only about creating mobile-friendly or responsive design for your site.

Here are the five ways through which you can create admirable customer experience on mobile devices.

  • Optimize your images

Image optimization is very much essential for attaining results in online marketing.

First and foremost minimize the of images if it hinders the page load speed times.

Focus on alt text, title text, caption, file name to optimize your site’s images.

File name should be clear enough. Alt text or title text should be descriptive enough so that Google can understand what the image is about or contains. Though they are not necessary, captions engage your customers and provide optimal experience to them.

  • Make reviews a priority

Many prospects and customers use reviews to make decisions regarding purchasing.

Instead of making certain your brand is getting positive reviews overall, increase your efforts at getting reviews for your core services or products.

Smart brands would focus more on getting people to leave comments for the particular service they used, how happy they work with the result and how it compares to other (such services they have used). Ask your customers to comment on the specific services they used, providing as much detail as possible. Encourage reviewers to upload photos with their reviews.This will be beneficial for your site.

  • Shorten your content

Web searchers have specific needs and are typically short on time and patience, so you have to get in front of them with the correct message of your brand to have a chance. Keep your content short, simple and compelling and valuable for your mobile searchers.

  • Optimize for local content

Near me searches are on rise, you need to efficiently optimize your site for the local searches to get ahead of your competitors.

  • Display your business name, address, phone number accurately on your site.
  • Use schema markup in your NAP.
  • Consider embedding Google Maps prominently on your website to provide better user experience and also it will influence your ranking. You can hire professionals providing Local seo services virginia for achieving better local optimization.

  • Use Google App Deep Linking

For brands, App Deep Linking (ADL), which is defined as “the ability for Google to index content from within an app and then show it as mobile search results,” has the vast implications if utilized appropriately.

Just think about if your app is not fortunate enough that gets most of the attention, but your app content ranks high in searches, then you could end up with a lot more users into your app than you might have had otherwise.

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