Never in the history of media and communications has the pace of change been so rapid.Seven years ago, Netflix streaming was a novelty, cord cutters were rare and “Game of Thrones” was a niche book series. Today, media companies are growing and expanding in ways we previously only dreamed.

So, who’s winning? We can’t just rely on, say, Nielsen ratings anymore. We have to look at the whole picture. One part of that picture is social media followers and activity.

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A new list from Shareablee takes a look at media organizations’ interactions with online followers across major social platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Here’s how the top 10 shakes out:

1. The Walt Disney Company

2. 21st Century Fox

3. National Basketball Association

4. Turner Digital

5. Comcast Corporation

6. National Football League

7. BuzzFeed

8. Group Nine Media

9. Hearst Corporation

10. CBS Corporation

Why is looking at the top media organzations important for PR and marketing pros?

Shareablee says brand managers must “keep pace with consumer demand, which includes partnering with influential content creators to produce videos, images and articles that can garner attention:

Consumer demand for content is up, video quality has never been greater and the opportunities to intersect the consumer in valuable moments abound. This opportunity, however, requires content creation to keep pace with consumer demand across media fragmentation. As brands and publishers find new ways to partner over content experiences both parties need new measurement frameworks and clear optics into the value of audiences reached and engaged with new video experiences. The U.S. Media 100 Index TM is a clear and transparent lens into the best-performing media companies in the U.S. across social channels that will power media planning, partnerships, measurement and more.

You can find the full list of Shareablee’s top 100 PowerRankings here.


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