You can find almost anything on the internet, for free, if you have enough time.

There are millions of pages on public relations alone. Many sites promise to write and place articles for clients for free (or a small charge). I would suggest avoiding them. Finding, nurturing and keeping media contacts, and learning how to craft pitches and compelling stories, isn’t free and doesn’t come cheap, nor should it.

Instead, we found 10 great public relations sites that provide original information and present valuable columns on PR. Many offer webinars, news on journalist hires and fires, tips on jobs, interviews with reporters and advice for PR professionals and students of all experience levels across many industries. Some ask for your contact information and try to sell you services such as media lists, media monitoring, social media, promotion, etc., so be aware of that. But still … going back to college from the comfort of your couch can be a good career refresher.

To sharpen your skills, network online, find cool events and keep up with the latest trends, here are the best PR blogs, newsletters and websites you can read or sign up for online. Think of them as continuing education at a fantastic price. Here are my Top 10 PR Blogs in alphabetical order:

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Bulldog Reporter 

Style: Short, punchy writing and easy to navigate.

Boilerplate: “The Daily ‘Dog offers timely, insightful PR news and feature content that drives traffic and builds an online community of PR practitioners, agencies and service providers. The mission of the Daily ‘Dog editorial team is to bring together the best minds, practices and tools in PR …”

Sample article – “Earned Media is more essential than ever in today’s modern communications model.”

Fun feature – “Winning PR” column with self-reported success stories from agencies about how they promoted their clients that’s timely and full of practical advice.

Cision Newsletter

Style: Colorful and very professional, the Cision blog is well organized with best practices, media updates, trends, news, influencers and other PR essentials. One of my Top Three Favorites.

Boilerplate: “Keep up with industry news and trends on Cision Blog.”

Sample article – “5 Ways to Tell a Brand Story with Instagram.”

Fun feature – “Top Lists” such as “Top 10 Staffers at InformationWeek.”

Holmes Report

Style: Very important for those interested in the news and views from the big agencies, the site is very corporate.

Boilerplate:  “Charting the Future of Public Relations.”

Sample article – “Are In-House PR Leaders Using Twitter Enough?”

Fun feature – The Influence 100 of 2015, The 100 senior corporate communicators profiled in this book are senior counselors to some of the most powerful CEOs in the world.”


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