Google’s SERP continue to change regularly to better reflect the end user needs. Its very much important for brands to keep up with the evolving world to successfully attract the organic traffic.

A research shows that 51% of traffic comes to your site through organic,so the changes in the SERPs remain a critical concern for all brands.

The position of a result on the SERP, as well as the different rich results that appear at the top, all influence how many clicks each website receives.

What customers want to see when they type in a particular query will greatly influence where they click and the types of results that will satisfy their needs.

Google has been continuously working to better understanding the intent to provide the best possible results to the searchers.

Brands that are able to similarly improve their understanding of user intent will eventually see improved positioning in the SERPs and present greater interest for the users themselves.

Recent Changes in the SERP

Google grabbed considerable attention for their changes to the SERP in the beginning of the year when they removed the ads along the side bar and increased the  space allowed for the ads above the organic results for various queries.

However brands need to be paying even more attention to the increased emphasis by Google on the intent-focused SERP.

Google has also been considering the idea of micro moments. According to Google, Micro-moments occur when people reflexively turn to a device increasingly a smartphone to act on a need to do something, learn or watch something, discover something or buy something. They are intent-rich moments when decisions are taken and preferences shaped.

Google is working to create a SERP that is intent based and now with emphasis on micro moment has taken this to a step further.

SEO Experts from salt lake city seo companies says that Google focuses on 4 main types of micro-moments that brands should put emphasis on to succeed

  • The I-want-to-buy moment
  • The I-want-to-know moment
  • The I-want-to-do moment
  • The I-want-to-go moment

Google is working to understand and answer the queries that fall into one of these these categories.

Google also recently introduced the AMP pages to provide the users with rapid answers on the go. The push for news-oriented sites to markup their pages for AMP reveals the dedication of Google to improvise the I-want-to-know micro-moment experience.

Different rich cards and answer boxes along the top for certain queries to presume an “I-want-to-know” moment has also been recently experimenting by Google.

SEO consultants from seo company salt lake city says that for websites to function within this intent-focused SERP, they need to use hybrid marketing departments. SEO and PPC need to be able to meet to create an online presence that will be displayed favourably on the SERP.

How do brands adapt to the intent focused SERP?

  • Study the intentions of users within the different micro moments

Brands have to make themselves familiar with what people are likely looking for. Look at the consumer data, specifically your mobile data and what makes people drive to your site, what types of people converted and what type of content did the best. You need to to consider all the types of micro-moments that will apply to your business in different situations.

  • Create a list of keywords that is in account with the user intent

Uncover the keywords from the keyword research that will be used by your prospects throughout their buyer’s journey.

  • Examine what is displayed on the SERP for your keywords

Look for local 3-packs and map appearing, how many ads show up and the number of organic results that appeared. The more insight you have into how the SERP is displayed, the more easily you can develop your targeted strategy.

  • With the layout of the SERP in mind optimize your content

While considering content optimising with the basic SEO, you also need to grab the optimal opportunities to buy paid ads for above the organic results as well as optimizing for, Google Local, Quick Answers and images.

Make sure you have optimized the right aspects of the content, so that you can be confident it will rank high while also appealing to the visitors by understanding their needs and wants in the moment.

  • Bring SEO and PPC professional together

With the goal of optimizing entire SERp above the fold you need to bring these departments together to understand what people are looking for during particular micro moments and the meeting customers where they are. Considering Salt lake city seo services can help you achieve intent focused optimization very efficiently.

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