Digital marketing is the most easy and lucrative way to earn business, But this landscape is madly competitive.Digital marketer has to face many small and big challenges while undertaking digital marketing. To combat these challenges, live streaming can be incorporated by marketers for 2017.

If you are looking forwards to expand your strategy for brand building, attracting more audiences or selling more product, live streaming can prove to be a good option. If you look around for brands like Nestle, BMW, Doritos and many such brands, you can clearly see that these brands are harnessing full potential of live streaming and engaging their customers.

Looking into growing prominence of live streaming, 10seos has come up with this post, to help marketers understand the importance of live streaming and incorporate it in their digital marketing strategy.

Let us begin!

  • Live streaming- an extension of visual marketing

To achieve success in digital marketing this year, marketers will have to incorporate many strategies. Among the other prominent strategies, video marketing has its own share of importance. Video marketing is a part of visual marketing that has the capacity to entice, entertain and educate the customers and build their connection with the brand. Videos are also affordable, easy and ROI friendly. Live streaming is the extension of video marketing. Hence , one should definitely make use of live streaming to connect with the audience on the real time basis.

  • Live streaming is based on real time basis

Live streaming videos are broadcasted in a real time basic hence, it entirely eliminate the usage of time to create a video to match specific need. It involves less work but is as effective as any other medium. The information transmitted in live streaming is easily absorbed by customers with low attention span. Another important point is, audience can interact in live streaming which increases the engagement level even more.

  • Live streaming helps to build connection with the audiences

It is a popular belief that competitors are our real teachers. The strategies they implement give us a push to move a step higher. In this case if your competitor is still stuck with simple video marketing, then this is the right time to give them a jolt with live streaming. Live streamings are real time based hence it is more genuine medium for audience and they rely on it. Audiences can interact with each other, which increases the bonding. They may ask question and give tips as well. Another important part is live streaming enables the audiences to be part of a live action. In this way audiences feel that they are part of the activity going on.

  • Provide value to your audience

Everybody knows that to engage your audience, you need to provide valuable information. You use live streaming to educate your audience. You may organize a training program or start valuable live discussion on live streaming. You can even use live streaming to give live demo for your upcoming products etc.

  • Cost effective

Cost is always a huge factor for marketers and especially small marketers. In case of live streaming, it is fairly cheaper medium. All you need is a camera and a good internet connection. Make sure to produce videos that are of high quality to build better engagement in the audiences.

Live streaming can be easily started. All you need to do is understand what do you want to achieve from live streaming in your business and then begin.

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