Blogging is the vital part of content marketing and holds a significant role in the growth of the business in digital platform. If you closely follow the renowned online marketers for getting inspiration and direction, then you can easily understand the importance of blogging. Writing blog helps to curate content that can act as a magnet to attract your potential customers. Blog post that have unique and engaging content tend to attract Googlebot, resulting in better ranking in SERPs.  There are many blogs that are available to guide your business in SEO. We recommend you to go through these for better assistance.

In today’s time, there are millions of blog posts that are done on everyday basis. But there are many among those millions that are left unread.

Is your blog post is among those post?

10seos is here to give you a way out from this problem. Let us dig into the reasons behind blog posts not getting  traffic.

Reason 1: There is no compelling “hook”

This is among the most common problem in online marketing. The content generated does not entice readers to go through the entire content. Content should be generated in way that binds the audience’s attention and compel them to go ahead and read the entire thing. For making your content hold the audiences, you may choose to:

  • Convey while storytelling

Storytelling is the age old technique to grab the reader’s attention. Another important part is storys help the audience to connect on an emotional level.

  • Start from the opposite direction from the ending of post

Misdirection in writing make audiences concentrate more on the post. You may use different component and compare them in way that makes sense to your topic. You can also start from the end and then move towards the beginning with suspense.

  • Treatment of the topic

Every instruction is similar, yet it is perceived by different people in a different way. The treatment for your topic decides whether it can attract readers or it may not. Be creative and go for new options.

Reason 2: Your posts does not convey story

A well researched blog post require a considerate amount of time and expertise. However, often it is seen that despite of valuable information, they do not witness traffic. This is because the post is appealing to people. There are many strategies that a new blogger has to implement for attracting traffic however, generating content in storytelling format is one easy way to gain a significant traffic very easily. People tend to get bored with the bombardment of information. Hence the presentation of the information will have to be changed.

Reason 3: lack distinctive voice and tone

There are million of blog posts are published each day. Every blog post or say writing has to have a unique tone or voice to communicate with its reader. Even if you wrote a compelling post,  there are chances that the same topics has another hundred blog post. So , what make you stand out?

It is the way you address audience in the post. Your distinctive voice and tone.

Reason 4: Not building the curiosity

Interruption pattern is a big hit in online marketing zone. Think you are reading a specific article and suddenly you are interrupted by a content that is entirely different. In this way the curiosity of the audience increase and they wait till they read the whole content. Things that are unexpected, shocking or surprising tend to attract human brain and that is why sudden interruption can build curiosity in the audiences.



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